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Choosing an employer is a difficult task and needs careful consideration of a lot of different factors. An attractive remuneration is by many still seen as the most decisive factor to choose between job offers, but CRESCO embraces the fact, that nowadays additional factors like continuous training, attractive working environment, proper career planning or a performance-based bonus system become important as well.

The CRESCO companies subscribe to a cooperative management style with high level of decentralised decision making and empowerment of all the staff. Such power requires the readiness to take decisions and take responsibility for it. In addition the dynamic working environment at CRESCO demands the capability to organise your work independently and to continuously review and improve the processes you are working in.

We are looking for candidates that like to work in a multicultural and international environment, that are thorough but not rigid, that are professionals in their field of work but open-minded to learn about other businesses as well, that contribute to the team but work independently, that are striving for excellence and show a high level of integrity. We don’t select based on nationality, gender or age, we select based on professional background and attitude.

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August 2021

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A candidate must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) where as fresh graduates are welcomed as well. The new employee will join our team of professionals in Cebu, working closely with the team in Dubai and clients in the UAE and the Seychelles.

Sufficient knowledge in Excel, Word PowerPoint or equivalent software packages are expected as good organisation and time management skills. We expect high attention to detail from our employees and that they are ready and able to work in an international team.

The new employee will be trained in Dubai for 3 months and will then work in Cebu. Additional travels to Dubai and attendance on international conferences around the world will be required. That’s why the candidate must have a passport and be ready to travel.

We offer an attractive remuneration package and a modern and accommodating environment in an international group with offices in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We subscribe to the concept of life-long-learning with extensive in-house training, sophisticated knowledge sharing tools and financial contribution for external training courses.

Special requirements: CPA, Passport holder
Location of work: Cebu, Philippines
Reference: ACCT2108


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