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CRESCO first-person singular present indicative of the latin word “crescere”, which means “to grow” or “to expand”, but also means “to cultivate”. This reflects the culture of CRESCO very well, as the company tries to continuously reinvent itself by adapting products and services to the requirement of its clients, always with the aim to better cultivate the cooperation with the clients.

We understand CRESCO as a commitment towards our clients, to keep striving for even better serving them, and as a commitment to the shareholders of the company, to safeguard their investment and help to increase the value of the company.

The CRESCO sign not only stands as a symbol of this effort, as it indicates the value without CRESCO to be lower than with the firm, but it is a good symbol for “crescere” itself.

It is our promise and daily aim, to serve our clients in a way, that they feel the CRESCO difference when dealing with one of our companies. For our employees the company likes to provide a stable, safe and supportive environment, so that they can live-up to their full potential. 

To be innovative, efficient, effective and with no compromise on quality – that’s what our brand stands for.



Michael Waechter

Managing Director CRESCO Holding

CRESCO Holding Ltd. was established in 2010 with the goal to build a home for companies working in different industries but complementing each other and realising synergies through a strong cooperation below the roof of the holding.

In 2014 CRESCO Holding has further strengthen this approach by building up a strong service structure for accounting, compliance, process design and legal consulting. These services are available to all companies within the holding but also to third parties.

It is for these companies that CRESCO Holding has changed its approach of activity-branding to an unified brand for the service companies.

CRESCO Holding is providing the tools to the underlying companies required to make them working effectively and efficiently in the service of our customers. It is similar to providing instruments to a group of musician, that then will play the music according to the wish of the audience. 

I am very pleased, that the investors in CRESCO Holding have given me the mandate to act as Managing Director of the conglomerate. Together with the Directors and employees of the underlying companies we continue to drive to exceed customers expectations and to be an edge ahead of our competitors.


CRESCO Compliance is a provider of compliance, control and organisation solutions. A multi-cultural team of lawyers and consultant helps to keep inline with the legal requirements in the UAE and other countries in the region. In addition CRESCO Compliance has a team of consultants specialised in process design and has trained ISO lead auditors.

CRESCO Legal is a globally active law firm headquartered in the UAE with offices in various countries around the globe. With a stronghold in Asia, the law firm covers one of the most dynamic economic markets for the years to come. Although CRESCO Legal is a global firm, the local base is not neglected. That’s why the firm calls itself “The global local firm”.

CRESCO Accounting is a chartered accounting firm with offices in Dubai, Cebu and the Seychelles, specialised in providing accounting and audit services according to international accounting principles and according to specific requirements of the regulatory body in the UAE.

CRESCOtec is a software house specialised in commercial off-the-shelf software, interface programming and bespoke software solutions for clients from different industries. The COTS software offering includes software for school administration, real estate management and accounting.


SADIQA is a business consulting and marketing company specialised in Business Expansion, bringing medium sized companies to the UAE and other countries in the Middle East. SADIQA uses a three steps approach with Evaluation, Implementation and Orientation, guiding clients from the first gathering of information to the finished implementation of their business abroad.

Hensley&Cook is a provider of Corporate Services with offices in Dubai, Singapore, Philippines and the Seychelles. The firm is specialised in the incorporation and administration of companies in the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles, Singapore, Philippines and other jurisdictions like Germany, Hong Kong or Belize. Hensley&Cook helps to incorporate companies in the most important Free Zones in the UAE and is a registered agent for offshore companies in the UAE.

BINCRES is an international Procurement company with offices in the Philippines and the Seychelles. BINCRES brings your procurement to the next level, increasing reliability and quality while decreasing costs and response time. In addition we trade in a wide range of goods including but not limited to electronics, machines, food and plants from and to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. BINCRES is running the B2B e-commerce site OfficeRock.com in the UAE.

SmartMoney is a company specialised in claim recovery and the management of accounts receivables. Following the motto “A sale is not a sale until it’s paid for”, the company helps to keep the amount of accounts receivables low and the payment from clients within the deadlines. The active management is supported by a strong team of lawyers, that will take care of debt collection through legal measures.

The Artificial Intelligence Initiative_

CRESCO embraces new technologies and is an early adapter when it comes to the implementation of game-changing solutions and processes. The use of Artificial Intelligence in business applications is a trend that will substantially change business processes and is already revolutionising our interaction with computers.

CRESCO is committed towards its clients but also to its employees, to identify the new possibilities given by the use of Artificial Intelligence and to implement positive changes in its business processes. This initiative will involve all the CRESCO companies, where some will be more affected than others, but all companies will be given the chance to profit from this new technology.

The MD of CRESCO Holding, Mr Michael Waechter has given the following statement: “By partnering with the leading providers of Artificial Intelligence solutions, CRESCO secures access to the most advanced and tested technologies available in the market. The advantages in form of speed, accuracy and costs will be used for the benefit of our clients and employees.”

The use of Artificial Intelligence is in line with the continuous drive of CRESCO for excellence in all the fields the group is active in. It shall not replace human interaction but support and improve the underlying business processes. It shall give all employees the tools to work efficiently and accurately. It shall help to have Excellence as Attitude.

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