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CRESCO Legal expands to India

Dubai, 15 November, 2018

CRESCO Legal has made its entrance into the Indian subcontinent by opening an office in the Southern Indian metropolis of Hyderabad, the Silicon Valley of India. The office has around 40 fully qualified advocates covering all legal fields and sectors of trade and business.

All lawyers are accredited with the various Courts in Hyderabad and operative in both the litigation and advisory practice.

We are honoured to announce that the Head of CRESCO Legal India will represent the Sultanate of Oman in India.
Successful Inbound Trade Mission to the UAE

Dubai, 15 November, 2018

From November 11 to 15 Dubai was the host for the Inbound Trade Mission of the International Trade Council. The International Trade Council is a 64-year-old peak body Chamber of Commerce representing government export agencies, chambers of commerce and industry associations and businesses from 176 countries.

Mr. Michael Waechter, Chairmain of the CRESCO Group and Co-Chairperson of the ITC fro the UAE along with Sadiqa hosted a successful Inbound Trade Mission. The mission was very well received by CEOs of international organizations based in the UAE, as well as the participating delegates of the mission.
Successful visit of FIESP Delegation to Dubai

Dubai, 11 November, 2018

Sadiqa hosted a delegation of FIESP during their official visit to Dubai and the UAE. Fiesp, a Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, is responsible for 45% of brazilian industry GDP.

During the visit organized and sponsored by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, delegates were able to learn about the business market, the business culture and how to penetrate the market in their respective industries and generate leads.
Successful event of China Offshore

Shanghai, 15 November, 2018

Hensley&Cook participated in the successful China Offshore Summit held at the Grand Kempinski Hotel in Shanghai, China. Thank you China Offshore for an interesting Conference.
Successful event of Eurojuris in Dubai

Dubai, 21 October, 2018

From October 18 to 20 Dubai was the host for the International Congress of Eurojuris and Asiajuris. Eurojuris is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations, representing about 600 law firms and 6 000 lawyers.

CRESCO Legal and Sadiqa were heavily involved in the preparation and the management of the event. The congress was a success and Mr. Michael Proksch, the Chairman of Eurojuris called the event “a role model for further events”.
Seychelles, 25 September, 2018

Hensley&Cook opens a new office in the Seychelles

Tuesday September 25 marks an important day in the history of Hensley&Cook: The company officially opened its office in the Seychelles with the blessing of the office and a ceremony attended by honoured guests from politics, financial authorities, industry and friends. The Seychelles are not only an excellent destination for holidays but thanks to their efficient and dynamic financial authorities became an important player in the world of corporate services.
Dubai, August 14, 2018

Hensley&Cook and CRESCO Accounting are now ISO certified

The offices of Hensley&Cook and CRESCO Accounting in Dubai, Cebu and the Seychelles are now compliant with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 10002:2018 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaints handling) and ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management). We are happy, that we fulfil these demanding standards, and are sure, that it will help us to even better serve our existing and future clients.
Dubai, August 5, 2018

Mr. Alexander Chang-Sam new MD of Hensley&Cook

Mr. Alexander Chang-Sam was appointed as the new Managing Director of Hensley&Cook. Alexander Chang-Sam worked for several corporate service providers in the Seychelles and the UAE before joining Hensley&Cook more than a year ago. He is a trained anti-money-laundering officer and has a strong background in accounting. Mr. Chang-Sam was overseeing the start of Hensley&Cook in the Seychelles and helped the company in its expansion in China.
Dubai, August 5, 2018

Mr. Ramazan Galyamov to join family business

Mr. Ramazan Galyamov, managing director of Hensley&Cook decided to join his family’s business back in his hometown Kazan, Russia. He will leave Hensley&Cook by mid of August, but will stay connected with the company and the team, as he will help clients of Hensley&Cook that want to expand their business into Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan.
Mahe, July 2018

Hensley&Cook Seychelles now fully operational

On July 25 the Financial Service Authority of the Seychelles (FSA) visited the Hensley&Cook office in the Oceanic House in Providence, Mahe, and approved the set-up and the processes.

Hensley&Cook is now a FSA approved and fully operational company with an International Corporate Service License, an International Trustee Service License and a Foundation Service License.
Dubai, July 2018

CRESCO opens office in Cebu, Philippines

With the opening of the office in Cebu, CRESCO properly arrived in Asia. The Philippines with their high number of well qualified English speaking specialists are a great location for the office of CRESCO. The excellent attitude towards work combined with the good infrastructure in the Cebu IT Park make it an ideal starting point for the expansion in Asia.

Mr. Leonell Ang Tan, the branch manager of CRESCO Philippines, together with his team of accountants and software engineers will work in close cooperation with the other offices of CRESCO around the world.
Dubai, June 2018

CRESCOtec is now reseller of SAGE

The software company of CRESCO, CRESCOtec, became official reseller of SAGE, an internationally renowned provider of ERP, CRM and accounting software solutions. This step allows CRESCOtec to even better serve its growing customer base in the UAE and the other GCC countries.

The increased pressure on companies in the GCC to optimise their processes and to reduce the cost of their operation in combination with the increased demand for accurate financial statements caused by the implementation of VAT creates an interesting business opportunity for the software solutions provided by SAGE.
Dubai, March 2018

CRESCO Legal to use Artificial Intelligence

CRESCO Legal is proud to announce, that it has closed an agreement with the UK based firm Luminance Technologies Ltd. for the use of their artificial intelligence powered software Luminance. This makes CRESCO Legal the first law firm in the Middle East to embrace such a new technology to the benefit of its clients.

Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. The revolutionary technology is founded on the latest breakthroughs in pattern recognition and machine intelligence.

CRESCO Legal is pleased to have found such a reputed software provider for its first implementation of artificial intelligence in the business processes. New products and services will be developed to allow clients to profit from the implementation of this new technology.
Dubai, February 2018

ITC names Co-Chairperson for UAE

The International Trade Council announced that the board appointed Mr. Michael Waechter as Co-Chairpersons to the International Trade Council for the United Arab Emirates.

Michael Waechter will represent the ITC in the UAE and be in contact with the ITC members in the Emirates, among them companies like du (Emirates Integrated), UPS, Dubai Duty Free, Europcar and others.
December 2017

CRESCO IT Solution Becomes Customer Story

CRESCO Holding under the guidance of CRESCOtec has implemented a tailor-made IT concept to accommodate the needs of the companies in the holding. The solution needed to provide a seamless integration of the different locations with fast and secure access to data and communication tools.

CRESCO has opted for a solution with Synology NAS. Synology has published this successful approach on their website. Read full story
Dubai, November 2017

CRESCO Control is renamed into CRESCO Compliance to better reflect the activity of the company, which focuses on securing compliance with the applicable law, compliance with contracts and agreements in the banking sector and improve operation through ISO certification.

CRESCO Compliance is headquartered in the United Kingdom, a country that is on the forefront when it comes to compliance and process design. CRESCO Compliance will bring this virtue and knowhow to the Middle East and Asia, starting with the operation in Dubai.

Mr. Naveen Indrakanti is the Managing Director of both operations, the one in the UK and the one in Dubai.
Dubai, October 2017

The updated version of the “Vision 2020” for the CRESCO Group was published on the website of CRESCO Holding. The document was reviewed and adapted in an investor meeting in September 2017. The final wording was approved and put in action in October.

Investors can download the updated version of the Vision 2020 in the download area on the website. Please contact investor service in case of problems accessing the site.
Dubai, June 2017

Mr. Cesar Igarta was appointed as the new Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) of CRESCO. Mr. Igarta will help to optimise the use of the knowledge available within the organisation and is responsible for managing the intellectual capital within CRESCO.

His task, among others, will be to maximise the effectiveness of knowledge sharing among the different companies and offices of the group.
Dubai, May 2017

Mr. Kent Tupas joined CRESCO as the new Chief Design Officer (CDO). Mr. Tupas has a solid background as graphic designer and designer of user interfaces for software. He is a studied IT specialist with focus on web applications and mobile apps.

Mr. Kent will be in charge of graphic design, user experience design, video communication and package design of the CRESCO companies.
Dubai, April 2017

CRESCO Accounting started its set-up in Cebu, Philippines: Mr. Leonell Ang Tan started operations out of this city in Visayas, the central group of the Philippine islands.

He is the first of a group of accountants that will work out of Cebu, providing a strong back-office for the accounting operations of CRESCO Accounting.
Dubai, April 2017

CRESCO Legal opens office in the USA. The company has its principal office at Madison Avenue, New York.

The expansion to the USA is inline with the drive of CRESCO Legal to establish a strong international brand with representation in the main markets but with a focus on Asia.

The office in the USA closes a gap, where CRESCO Legal now covers Latin America through its office in Costa Rica and North America through its operation in the USA.
Dubai, March 2017

CRESCO Legal has now an office in Costa Rica: Mr. Adrian Obando and Mr. Alex Thompson with their team of lawyers joined the growing international network of CRESCO Legal.

The office in Costa Rica will cover the market in Latin America and adds a lot of expertise to CRESCO Legal, for example in Estate Planning, International Tax law and Commercial law.
Dubai, August 2016

CRESCO Legal expands its reach and opens a new subsidiary in Luzern, Switzerland. The new location allows the team of CRESCO Legal to be closer to the customers from Europe and to offer them an easier access to the services of the legal consulting company with head quarter in the UAE.

This new location has to be seen as part of an initiative that will provide CRESCO Legal with a strong international present, mainly in Asia.
Dubai, July 2016

Mr. Ramazan Galyamov was appointed as the new managing director of Hensley&Cook Management Services DMCC.

Mr. Galyamov studied at Sharjah (UAE), joined CRESCO in 2013 and worked in Corporate Service for the last years. His experience in estate planning and corporate structuring made him a perfect fit for the demanding job as Managing Director of Hensley&Cook, the corporate service company of CRESCO Holding.
Dubai, July 2016

Ms. Constanza Fernandez-Reyes was appointed as the new Head of Marketing and Social Media of CRESCO Holding.

Ms. Fernandez-Reyes holds a diploma in Social Media and is a consultant with Sadiqa FZE, the business consulting and expansion consulting company of CRESCO. She will lead a team that takes care of the communication on social media channels and coordinates the marketing activities within CRESCO.
Dubai, April 2016

Mr. Naveen Kumar Indrakanti was appointed as the new managing director of CRESCO Control FZC.

Mr. Indrakanti is an experienced lawyer registered with the bar association of Hyderabad. He successfully managed legal teams in numerous litigations and commercial transactions, an experience, that builds the base for his new task at CRESCO.

In addition to his new role as Managing Director, Mr. Indrakanti stays Chief Compliance Officer of CRESCO.


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