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CRESCO holding is a privately held dynamic and diversified holding with a selective investment portfolio_

CRESCO - The brand_

CRESCO first-person singular present indicative of the latin word “crescere”, which means “to grow” or “to expand”, but also means “to cultivate”. This reflects the culture of CRESCO very well, as the company tries to continuously reinvent itself by adapting products and services to the requirement of its clients, always with the aim to better cultivate the cooperation with the clients.

We understand CRESCO as a commitment towards our clients, to keep striving for even better serving them, and as a commitment to the shareholders of the company, to safeguard their investment and help to increase the value of the company.

The CRESCO sign not only stands as a symbol of this effort, as it indicates the value without CRESCO to be lower than with the firm, but it is a good symbol for “crescere” itself.

It is our promise and daily aim, to serve our clients in a way, that they feel the CRESCO difference when dealing with one of our companies. For our employees the company likes to provide a stable, safe and supportive environment, so that they can live-up to their full potential. 

To be innovative, efficient, effective and with no compromise on quality – that’s what our brand stands for.

A word from our director_

CRESCO Holding Ltd., established in 2010, fosters a unique ecosystem of diverse companies united under one umbrella. This harmonious collaboration fosters synergy and mutual growth within the holding’s framework. In 2014, CRESCO Holding solidified this concept, bolstering services like accounting, compliance, process design, and legal consultancy to enrich not just the member companies but also external entities.

Evolving its strategy, CRESCO Holding shifted from individual activity branding to a unified brand for its service-oriented subsidiaries. These service companies are akin to an orchestra, with CRESCO Holding providing the instruments that empower each component to perform harmoniously, catering to the audience’s desires.

I am honored to lead CRESCO Holding as Managing Director, entrusted by investors to steer this conglomerate. Together with our dedicated Directors and employees across subsidiaries, we are resolute in surpassing customer expectations and maintaining our competitive edge, underlining our commitment to progress and excellence.

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CRESCO Holding wishes everyone wonderful Merry Christmas.

May this Holiday Season sparkle, shine and may all your wishes and dreams come true, Merry Christmas. 🌲🌟


Our UAE offices are closed from April 8-12, 2024, you may still reach us on +971 4 406 9680 as our team in Seychelles and the Philippines remain at your disposal. Eid Mubarak!